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Beach Girl Personalized Starfish Necklace

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Fun and beautiful necklace for a beach lover.

Necklace features Swarovski Starfish pendant that has been wire wrapped in sterling silver. Top disc is stamped with a sea turtle and "Beach Girl" (can be substituted with name or other phrase). Bottom disc has been textured, oxidized and polished to bring out the highlights. Swarovski crystal peal dangled above the layered discs.

The sterling silver bead has silicone inside it that allows it to sit on the chain keeping space between charms and preventing them from overlapping. You can slide the bead up on the chain to create an asymmetrical look. Very cool.

Product Specifications

* 7/8 Brushed Sterling Silver disc
* 1 in Textured and Oxidized disc
* 18 mm Swarovski Starfish pendant
* Swarovski Pearl
* Sterling Silver silicone beads
* Sterling silver chain


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